Real-time segmentation of your customers that you take wherever you want. By connecting RFMcube with your database you can keep your sales history up to date and identify the key segments of your marketing.

No extra set-up costs

Synchronize your database history independently in a few simple steps

Maximum freedom of analysis

Filter the entire transaction history of your sales in real time and divide users into groups based on the following categories: Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value

Take your data wherever you want

Forward the segments found on Rfmcube to email marketing software, Facebook Adv, etc. with our API keys

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With Rfmcube you can identify all the key segments you need to increase your sales.

RFMcube offers you a precise segmentation of your customers’ transaction history which gives you a detailed picture: always at hand and synchronized in real time.

Users are divided on the basis of the following categories: Recency (time since the last purchase), Frequency (number of purchases) and Monetary Value (total spent).

You can further divide users according to segments using filters, such as purchased category and brand, accumulated points, region and much more!

Increase your sales

Get your customers to shop again: make just a 5% increase in the Retention rate to increase your profits up to 75% (source: Bain&company)

Personalization without limits

Choose the right RFM subdivision based on your business goals and set your best marketing strategies for it. Discover the real buying behavior of your customers and keep track of their performance over time.

One-click Marketing Automation

You will no longer need expensive and difficult software: by synchronizing the Rfmcube data, even the most basic software becomes a powerful marketing weapon!

The Rfmcube Method Marketing Automation for your Ecommerce in 3 simple steps.

rfmcube ecommerce integration one click

1️⃣ Synchronize your E-commerce In total autonomy, without programming costs.

The innovative integration system of Rfmcube allows you to connect the main Ecommerce CMSs (Magento 1 and 2, Prestashop, Woocommerce and Shopify) almost instantly.

Just generate a simple API key and username to set the connection parameters.

A series of tests will tell you if the connection was successful and, if not, what errors were found. See our integrations page to find help for your CMS.

2️⃣ Assign RFM scores Break down your customers based on Recency, Frequency and Monetary values.

With the RFM analysis you can divide the entire customer history based on the time since the last purchase (Recency), the number of purchases (Frequency) and the total spent (Monetary).

Immediately get an overview of the behavior of your customers and understand which segments are priority for your marketing.

Identify your best customers, the ones who haven’t bought in a long time, the ones who just made their first large purchase, the ones who buy regularly, and more!

assign rfm values ecommerce segments
customers segmentation ecommerce

3️⃣ Integrate additional Customer and Order data Increase the reach of your segmentation with extra data from your Ecommerce.

Sometimes RFM analysis alone is not enough.

To better profile your Customers and send them relevant communications, you need additional Customer data (e.g. name, gender, type of retailers / individuals, etc.) and Orders (category and brand purchased, province of shipment, coupons used, etc. .).

You can easily select them on Rfmcube and import them whenever you want to perform more advanced segmentations.

4️⃣ Activate high conversion rate campaigns Integrate the segments found with the most common Marketing platforms to send your customers the right message at the right time.

Integrating Rfmcube data with email marketing software is super easy.

Just enter an API key and connect the segments you need with the software lists, after which you will not have to do anything: Rfmcube will take care of the daily alignment of the data, leaving you free time to devote yourself to the Strategy and to the creation of the contents.

Choose the plan that's right just for you:



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Simple integration with CMS Nothing can scare our API keys

Choose your platform and process the entire customer history in complete autonomy.

Do you have a proprietary platform? Connect to our API.

Discover the power of RFM segmentation Connect your database and find out the complete history of your customers