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Integrate your E-commerce platform and take absolute control of your marketing.

Find out how your customers behave

Process your entire customer history in real time and identify the key segments to act on and increase your sales.

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing

Set up personalized marketing based on your customers’ actual purchasing behavior and increase the performance of your marketing campaigns up to 30%.

No extra setup costs

All you need is to enter an API key that you can easily find on your platform, we will take care of the rest.

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Mass marketing no longer works.

Sending the same offer to all customers in hope they will suddenly return to your site is no longer a sustainable strategy, but an act of faith.

High competition, a huge amount of monotonous messages and an increasingly low level of users’ attention will make the best E-commerce to end up in oblivion after the first purchase.

The problem, however, is that the acquisition costs are rocketing and you can’t manage to support your commerce by desperately looking for new customers. In this way creating loyalty mechanisms has become vital for your business, since acquiring a new customer costs you on average 5 times more than retaining an existing one.

In order to send target communications to your customers and push them to make new purchases, you should first of all be able to divide your history into segments based on common characteristics.

And this is where Rfmcube comes into play!

By integrating the data of your E-commerce, you can operate a high precision segmentation on the whole customer history and select the fields necessary for your needs yourself. For example, you will be able to identify customers who have spent more than 500 euros, or last purchased 6 months ago, or live in the province of Bologna.

Once the segment is created, you can analyze it in all its metrics (average interval between 1 purchase and the other, average order value,% returns etc.) and decide to integrate it with the marketing platforms you already use (e.g. mailchimp, sendinblue, facebook, google ads, crm) to take your marketing to the next level.

What our clients say about Rfmcube

Configuration with API-key is really fast! It provides easy-to-read data and possibility of detailed clients’ database segmentation which means you can perform targeted marketing and achieve excellent results. Must try!
Lorenzo Brini – Project  Manager Dreamgroup Srl

RfmCube is easy to use and totally intuitive! This allows you to quickly analyze a wealth of information and subdivide clients according to most minor points of view! Rfmcube helps a lot in commercial strategies planning for each type of clients and gives you great benefits for your E-Commerce.
Alessia Corigliano – Ecommerce manager Callipo Spa

Rfmcube provided us with an excellent service that let us set up personalized high-performance marketing campaigns! Everything is simply perfect, it was a pleasure to work with you.
Bernardo Castellani – CEO

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