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Nicola Infantino from Motoabbigliamento.it speaks about his experience with Rfmcube

RfmCube is easy to use and totally intuitive! This allows you to quickly analyze a wealth of information and subdivide clients according to most minor points of view! Rfmcube helps a lot in commercial strategies planning for each type of clients and gives you great benefits for your E-Commerce.

Alessia Corigliano – Ecommerce Specialist Callipo SPA

I would like to recommend Rfmcube, I believe it is the definitive tool for those who manage an ecommerce. I have often looked for similar solutions by manually extracting the data, thus losing all automation and without having a precise picture of the situation.

Riccardo Giorgi – Communication Manager Molinorosso.com

With RfmCube we are able to segment our contact database in an accurate and very precise way. This allows us to structure our email marketing campaigns by specifying the right content for our targeted customers. I highly recommend the adoption of this instrument.

Andrea Castelluccio – Marketing Manager Granfarma.it

Rfmcube provided us with an excellent service that let us set up personalized high-performance marketing campaigns! Everything is simply perfect, it was a pleasure to work with you.

Bernardo Castellani – CEO castellanishop.it
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Certainly a great application. It gives you the possibility to segment customers with a few clicks according to the RFM matrix and it is an excellent basis for dynamically structuring mailing automation processes.

Andrea Taddei – Data Analyst gocamera.it
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I’ve been using this Rfm matrix for a few months, but the results are already terrific in two key areas of work for me:
1) Analysis side: I can see the composition of my customers and study the appropriate commercial strategies in a few simple clicks.
2) Advertising campaign side: thanks to an easy way of segmenting my customers I can personalize e-mails and paid campaigns.
The absolute best thing is that it is not necessary to have technical skills to use Rfm cube, moreover the customer support is fast and heplful.
I strongly recommend it to all entrepreneurs who manage medium-sized e-commerce.

Fabio Lacognata – Ecommerce Manager bottegasicana.com

One of the best software on the market for segmenting the user database. It’s really useful for identifying targeted and non-massive strategies on your target and absolutely to be implemented to maximize your ROI.

Fabio Serra – Account Manager boraso.com

Thanks to RFRMcube, My Selleria managed to establish an in-depth management of its international database segments having defined the real value of its customers and having lead them in automated funnels with high conversion rates. Indispensable tool to maximize the results of your e-commerce strategies.

Damiano Giraldo – Marketing Manager myselleria.com

Incredibly simple and intuitive in configuration. Very easy to use. Also, it enables us to download data for use in other areas which is really convenient.

Daniele Mosca – Marketing Manager mosca016.it

Configuration with API-key is really fast! It provides easy-to-read data and possibility of clients’ database segmentation which means you can perform targeted marketing and achieve excellent results. Must try!

Lorenzo Brini – Project Manager dreamgroup srl

Rfmcube is just MAGIC! I’ve often heard about RFM and have always been fascinated by its ability to subdivide customers as well as to perform particular marketing operations effectively. However doing it with extremely expensive management software or external software was scaring me a little. Nevertheless we implemented Rfmcube with E-Commerce in a matter of minutes by simply providing an API signature. I also asked to implement new “features” which the team is currently testing and implementing. Happy to be an Early Adopter of Rfmcube!

Romeo Ausoni – Consulente Web Marketing

An exceptional tool that automatically allows you to create ecommerce customer base segmentations you want. It helped us develop diversified strategies for different customer segments and purchasing behavior.

Fabiano Sileo – titolare togenther.it

We have only been using Rfmcube for a few days but we have already understood its countless potential if it’s exploited properly. It will be our main tool for segmenting customers and carrying out increasingly precise and targeted marketing campaigns.

Angelo Schiuma – Business Analyst ediliamo.it

As a result of the first campaign for our inactive customers, we got 50 big orders made for a total of 3,300 Euros. We started it on August the 6th during off-peak times for our production. It is a great result for us, especially in August!

Michela Ballasina – Ecommerce Manager relaxsanshop.it
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We’ve been testing it with our clients for several months on and we have managed to extract the data, which makes up the basis for marketing strategy. Customer segmentation is very advanced. Highly recommended!

Carmine Grassio – Founder Top Ranking Web srl

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