Terms of service

Last update: 04 March 2021



For greater clarity and transparency in the services offered by our Site, the main conditions of service and general information are indicated in this section. For any questions or information you can contact us at the email address amministrazione@rfmcube.com.

In this document, the “Customer” refers to the private individual or company that has registered or purchased a Service offered by RFMCUBE Srl through the RFMCUBE Platform usable in SaaS mode.



The Customer, by registering on the Platform, accepts and undertakes to observe these Terms and Conditions in his relations with RFMCUBE Srl

The Customer acknowledges that RFMCUBE Srl is not bound by Service Conditions other than those indicated here unless previously agreed in writing. RFMCUBE Srl reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time for the future . In this case, they will be effective only for registrations and purchase orders made by the Customer after their publication on the Site.

RFMCUBE Srl therefore invites the Customer to read the latest version of the Conditions of Service before registering or making any purchase order and, if necessary, to print a copy or save it on a computer medium.



RFMCUBE is a software platform that can be used in SaaS mode that allows the Customer to analyze the information flow concerning the sales data of one or more e-commerce (or other types of information systems) and identify the key segments on which to do marketing. The plans for each individual e-commerce can be configured by the Customer according to their needs and on the basis of the total number of customers, monthly orders and other advanced features that can be selected at the time of subscription or subsequently, called ‘Addons’ (hereinafter the “Connector” (s)).

The Connectors are divided into Trial versions, lasting 15 (fifteen) days from registration, and into Connectors with a monthly, quarterly or annual duration (hereinafter: “Subscription Plan”).

The Connector Trial is the trial version of the Service that allows you to show dashboards (with limitations compared to the paid version) and segment the users of the platform selected by the Customer and to synchronize the platform data daily by updating the related data for the duration maximum of 15 (fifteen) days from creation. At the end of the trial period, if you do not subscribe to a paid subscription plan, the Connector will still be accessible but the daily synchronization will be suspended.

The Subscription Plan allows you to show dashboards and segment the users of the platform selected by the Customer, synchronize the platform data daily by updating the related data and export the segments created automatically with third-party software that the Customer uses, or in manual mode in csv format.

Access to the Platform and therefore to the Connectors may be sporadically interrupted due to technical problems, maintenance, restoration or for other reasons beyond the control of RFMCUBE Srl

RFMCUBE Srl reserves the right to interrupt the Service at any time without notice.



To use the Platform it is necessary to activate an account by entering user, password, and providing other information.

The information provided must be accurate and kept up to date over time. The authentication process is part of the normal security and authentication procedures and aims to protect the safety of the Customers and make sure that the Customer is really interested in registering or activating the Connector.

The access data to the RFMCUBE Srl Platform (username and password) must be kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone.

The registered user must take care of the access codes and keep them confidential, constituting these credentials the only way to identify the Customer and validate his access to the Connector.

In the event of loss, theft or loss of access codes, the Customer must promptly notify RFMCUBE Srl who will proceed to deactivate them. The disclosure of the codes for access to the Platform may allow access to unauthorized third parties.

The Customer is solely responsible for all activities resulting from the use of their account.

RFMCUBE Srl services are reserved for companies.



The payment of each Subscription Plan is anticipated for the entire duration established in the order or for its renewal.

The Customer is responsible for the timely payment of the Subscription Plan. The prices of the Services may change at any time at the discretion of RFMCUBE Srl. The changes to the rates will be immediately effective and will be applied starting from the next purchase or renewal.

Refunds are not offered for price reductions or promotional discounts.

The current rate and payment method are listed on our website. Unless there is a specific agreement on the use of the Connector, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to pay the fee for the respective Connector indicated on the Website at the time of placing the order.

All rates listed on the website are exclusive of applicable taxes, unless otherwise specified.

In some cases, the issuer of your chosen payment method may charge a foreign transaction fee or other fees that may be added to the final amount appearing on your statement or published as a separate charge. RFMCUBE Srl has no control over these amounts.

Timing in the payment is essential. Customer Connectors will not be activated or renewed until all outstanding fees are paid. Domain name registration fees must be paid in full before the domain name registration is processed.

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the payment data are kept by the payment providers to process the payment for any RFMCUBE Srl Connector that is purchased or renewed.

The obligation to provide the Connector depends on the payment of the fees. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the payment of fees is received on time.

It is the Client’s responsibility to keep at least one payment method active. RFMCUBE Srl reserves the right to make a primary alternative payment method if it establishes that the current one is not active for some reason. It is possible to manage the payment methods from the Customer area of ​​the Platform.

The Customer confirms that any payment method used and / or added is its property or that it has been specifically authorized by the card owner to use it for the purchase.

In case of delay in the payment of the fee (s) due, for any reason, RFMCUBE Srl may continue to attempt to debit the payment from the saved method, suspend and / or terminate the Services and recover the costs incurred, including without limitation, any expenses legal. RFMCUBE Srl is not responsible for any Customer content that is deleted or lost as a result of any suspension or termination of the Connector (s).

RFMCUBE Srl reserves the right to suspend and / or terminate the Services until payment is made.

The copy of the invoices is available in the Personal Area in the Billing section.

Should the Services be suspended due to the Client’s fault for any reason, the Fees will continue to accumulate until the termination or expiration of the chosen Subscription Plan.

RFMCUBE Srl does not process and does not store the payment title data (eg credit card numbers) of the Customers used to make purchases, which are processed by the relevant payment service providers. The actual payment takes place by transferring the protected and encrypted data directly to the payment gateway. Only after the transaction has taken place, the payment service provider communicates the outcome of the payment to RFMCUBE Srl.

RFMCUBE Srl reserves the right to apply, for security reasons, limitations and exclusions to the payment instruments that can be used by the Customer for the payment of the Connector.

RFMCUBE Srl reserves the right not to accept orders in the event of the supply of personal data and / or unreal payments, previous non-fulfillment of any title against RFMCUBE Srl, exceeding of the expense limits. RFMCUBE Srl carries out the necessary checks to take the most appropriate actions aimed at stemming illegal activities, reserving the right to take action against anyone who commits online fraud offenses.



RFMCUBE Srl assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, of any nature, suffered by the Customer, its partners, agents, employees and collaborators in relation to the use of the Service provided.

For no reason RFMCUBE Srl can be held responsible for loss of profit, impossibility of use, direct and indirect damages of any kind.

RFMCUBE Srl is in no way responsible for the consequences deriving from the illegitimate use of the information provided by the Customer. In particular RFMCUBE Srl does not guarantee:

  • the uninterrupted operation of the Platform
  • the operation of the Platform without errors
  • of any malfunction of the customers’ websites that could derive from the mechanism of synchronization of the Connector with them.

Any technical inefficiencies of the Platform or temporary interruptions that may temporarily prevent its use will not entail any compensation in favor of the Customer.

The Platform may contain links to other sites belonging to third parties. RFMCUBE Srl cannot be held responsible for the accessibility and content of these resources and for any consequence linked to the use of such content.

The Customer accepts that the only remedy for any alleged damage caused by the RFMCUBE Srl Connector is the cancellation of the signed Connector.



RFMCUBE Srl and its administrators, employees, agents, suppliers, partners and content providers do not guarantee that: (a) the Connector will be secure or available at any time; (b) any defects or errors will be corrected; (c) any content or software available through the Connector is free from viruses or other harmful components.

Any content downloaded from or otherwise accessible through the Platform or the Connector is accessible at the risk of the Customer who is liable for any damages including, without limitation, the computer operating system, any device he uses to access the sites or the Connector and any website or any other loss resulting from accessing such content.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees to use the Platform and the Services at its own discretion and risk and that it will be solely responsible for any damage to the computer systems, compromised websites or loss of data resulting from the use of the Platform and the Connector.



To ensure uninterrupted use of the Service, all Subscription Plans are subject to automatic renewal. Automatic renewal renews the Connector upon expiration for a period equal to the chosen duration. For example, if the last billing period is annual, the renewal period will be the same.

If you choose to disable the automatic renewal of the Connector or do not renew the Services before the end of the contract, the Connector may be interrupted or suspended and RFMCUBE Srl cannot be held liable towards the user or third parties.



Each Subscription Plan can be canceled at any time by clicking on the appropriate “Delete Connector” button.

In case of termination of the subscription, even for non-renewal, the integration with the Client’s website will not be canceled and will remain accessible to the Client. However, the data will be “frozen” and held until the day before the plan expires. The Customer will have the option to manually cancel their integration. After two years from the last login by the Customer, the data will be permanently deleted.

There are no refunds on subscribed plans.



This site, the pages that compose it, the technologies, the platform, the ideas, the logos, the brands, the graphics, the texts, the audio / video files and more generally any other creativity connected to the site, the Platform and the services are the exclusive property of RFMCUBE Srl

They cannot be reproduced, used or represented by the Customer, except in cases where it is expressly permitted and within the limits in which it is permitted. The Customer is granted a non-transferable right of use of the site and / or services limited to private and non-commercial use.



RFMCUBE Srl collects information when accessing the services offered. This information is used exclusively to contact the Customer and / or to provide the support or maintenance services of the Platform.

RFMCUBE Srl treats all information provided as strictly confidential.

This information includes:

  • access keys to the Customer’s site API;
  • access keys to the APIs of third-party platforms for which the Customer has the necessary authorizations;
  • data contained on the Client’s website (e.g. list of clients, paid products, digital content);
  • data relating to the nature of the customer’s business (e.g. traffic volumes, conversion rates, sales volumes);

These data will be transferred to the RFMCUBE Srl servers for operations such as the backup copy.

Partial access to this information can be provided to collaborators and partners of RFMCUBE Srl for the sole purpose of providing the agreed services.



In the event that some of the rules referred to in these Terms of Use are inapplicable, the others will continue to have full effect.

The subscribed Service is subject to Italian law. The Court of Bologna will be competent to decide any dispute arising or in any case connected with the contract and these Terms of use.

These Conditions of Sale, the various requirements indicated in the phases of the distance selling process, where applicable, constitute the entire contractual agreement between the Customer and RFMCUBE Srl



RFMCUBE Srl reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time, informing customers via email or through the Platform.

The Customer is responsible for reading and understanding the changes. Continuing to use the Service implies acceptance of the changes.



For any question or comment on this document, send an email to amministrazione@rfmcube.com