Premium Onboarding Talk face to face with our specialists to implement your Customer Segmentation strategy and activate your Marketing Automation campaigns.

5 hours Live with split screen that will allow you to:

✅ better divide your Customer History based on RFM analysis and additional Customer and Order fields

✅ knowing how to read the most important metrics to outline your Retention Marketing strategy

✅ create automations using one of the email marketing software that can be integrated into Rfmcube

✅ measure the performance of marketing activities and understand how to act to improve your campaigns

formazione dedicata one to one

💡 Do you have an E-commerce or a web agency and have you just started using Rfmcube for your marketing?

No doubt you have chosen a good car, we will help you become a great driver!

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RfmCube is easy to use and totally intuitive! This allows you to quickly analyze a wealth of information and subdivide clients according to most minor points of view! Rfmcube helps a lot in commercial strategies planning for each type of clients and gives you great benefits for your E-Commerce.

Alessia Corigliano – Marketing Manager Callipo Spa
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